Why the ingredients behind our anti danduff spray?

Before I purchase a product, I want to know what's in it and I believe you are the same. You deserve to have an understanding of the benefits of each ingredient 😊

Tea Tree - contains antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Peppermint - has soothing and cooling properties to calm down the itchy sensations associated with dandruff.

Rosemary - is a stimulant and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to protect against germs and infections.

Witches hazel - helps reduce scalp oiliness, tightens hair follicles and relieves itching. It is also antibacterial and has soothing properties that calm down an irritated scalp.

So, now you know exactly what it is in the spray .... all those lovely ingredients, plus distilled water to allow these amazing oils to be used on our scalps to naturally get rid of the flakey dead skin, known as dandruff.


Kell 😘

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