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As a family we don't partake in easter. Instead we follow the feasts outlined in the scriptures (old and new testament) which means studying the scriptures, lots of yummy eating and family time.

We begin with Passover which is when Yeshua (Jesus) died .... unleavened bread is for 7 days and during this time we don't eat any yeast/raising agents/baking powder. We actually remove all products that contain these ingredients from our house and have unleavened bread every evening.

First fruits always occurs on a Sunday, a time when we remember Yeshua's resurrection. For this, we wake up super early, head up to the top of Mt Canobolas before first light and watch the sun rise.

We then head back home for a yummy breakfast.

This time for us is about focusing on the connections between the old and new testament. It is about being grateful and acknowledging our blessings. It is about spending time together as a family, growing in our understanding and learning.

I wouldn't change this time for anything and am extremely blessed to have a family to share this with. 😘😘💗

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