Sharing a bit of myself

A day in our house involves homeschooling, making up products, packing orders, being a mum, wife, personal/professional study for my counselling career and whatever else the day involves 😊 Some days are full on, other days are cruisey, some go by quickly and others can feel like a snail pace.

Generally, the last week of the term is the kids favourite week as they look forward to a break. No more English or Maths. No more schedules or dedicated learning time. We've learnt to be flexible in our home. The kids have discovered that learning and life go together ... you don't seperate the two, but instead you learn to embrace and cope with the fact that there will be times when you have to stop learning and attend to life.

There are some days where Bek loves taking my phone or our Digital SLR camera and clicking away. Generally, she'll head outside and take photos of our pets, but today she shot some photos of me preparing stock for the cupboard.

Enjoy your day, regardless of what you do. Cheers

Kell 😘😘😘

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