Relax Rest & Sleep Spray

This spray came to be because my 20 year old daughter mentioned she was having trouble sleeping when she came home one weekend whilst on uni break.

I knew the oils I wanted to use based on their scents and health benefits. So I set about creating this spray .... I tried a number of blended scents and then I found the one. The one which was subtle, relaxing, masculine and feminine ... it was the scent which said "comfort" and "rest".

So, I did what every good mother does and gave it to her to test - my beautiful tester 😉 ... admittedly, she did go overboard the first night with the spray because I forgot to say how much to use .... oopppsss. And consequently, she slept amazingly.

Then, my teenage son wanted to try it and requested his own bottle - he said "I actually like the scent" which truthfully shocked me as he isn't a fan of essential oils and tolerates them, but this one was his choice.

Next, was my husband ... who didn't want to be left out 😉

It's truly pretty cool when family members request products that provide them with the results they are seeking.

Hope you have a great night sleep, but if you don't .... maybe this is the answer to those restless nights 😉

Nighty night

Kell 😘😴😴😴

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