Welcome …….

Today, we were blessed to receive 70mm of rain in a massive downpour which meant FUN!!! outside in the flowing creek. The kids along with their uncles jumped in one end and let the current move them down stream.

After many, many, many hours, Luke has just finalised our website which is totally exciting and scary because we are venturing into an area which is completely foreign. During this time of crawling and then small steps, we ask you show us grace and patience.

On our website, you will be introduced to us, Arukah Life and have the opportunity to purchase naturally handmade products by me, that have had a place in our home for a while. My original product which I created was the air freshener which adds an amazingly beautiful natural, subtle scent to the room. It is because of this product that I began creating and using other handmade, natural products, using a variety of essential oil scents and blends.


Kelly xx

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