Natural Deodorant Balm

Hi all,

Are you tired of using chemically enhanced deodorant sprays that are full of who knows what and don't always work???

Well, I have the perfect solution - our natural deodorant balm. 😉🤗😅

I am soooo.... excited to be sharing this product with you. It is a lovely product to use and I can't wait for others to wear it aswel.

These balms contain no harsh chemicals, are easy to use and the best part is that when you have finished applying it under your arms, simply rub your hands together 😁 and you'll have lovely scented hands too 😉.

There are 3 scents available -

Fresh (peppermint and lemon)

Citrus (lime and lemongrass)

Nature (eucalyptus and tea tree)

The deodorant balm comes in a 2 pack - 50ml aluminum pot and a 15ml aluminum pot. The 15ml is perfect to keep in your bag or for travelling or to share with a friend.

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