Love these products

Arukah Life products are part of my daily routine and our home. We keep air fresheners in the bathrooms and fly repellent on hand for those pesky flies. There is a shoe deodoriser near the shoe box at the front door to help prevent unwanted smells.

I keep a bottle of pain relief in the ensuite for period pains, aching muscles or headaches when they present. Next to the pain relief is hair balm which is a fabulous product after I've straightened my hair to stop the frizzy days. Or Luke applies it after his shower and Bek loves the way her hair looks when she has applied the hair balm to her wet or dry hair. Nerida has started to apply it to her hair once she has washed it, to prevent the very unwanted frizz.

You'll find a few deodorant balm tins in the bedrooms, aswel as the relax rest and sleep spray, mine is next to my bed. (Which leads to a funny story .... the other day I added the relax rest and sleep essential oils to my diffuser and it had a ripple effect on the family - tiredness 🤗🤗🤗 ...)

The anti dandruff I keep on my dresser and use every morning, mainly because I like the smell. Bek uses it when she feels like doing so and I'll even spray it on the kids hair when they are in need of a hair cut.

These are products which I swear by ...

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