Welcome to "Arukah Life"

Luke and I love it when we can make a difference in our community, in the lives of people that are close to us and in the environment around us that we call home. So when we dreamed about how we could help family reltionships grow strong and for adults and kids to know they belong, it meant finding ways to help people feel like they are valued and important and that they can also contribute in a meaningful way to their own community. We are working to build this type of community around us, in our lives and "Arukah Life" is just a part of that dream... 


Community is important and if we want a world that cares about each other and the earth we live in then it must start with us!


'Arukah' means healing and restoring to wholeness. Spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. That is what we hope our lives and our products bring to you.


Luke & Kelly Chambers